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Process 16 Twin Screw Extruder

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The Thermo Scientific™ Process 16 Twin-Screw Extruder is specifically designed to ensure easy handling and workflow efficiency to meet the needs in R&D, process development, and small batch production. Easy cleaning and access are enabled by the housing and split barrel design with a removable top cover ensuring customer-specific application flexibility. Ideal for a variety of compounding workflows with accessories such as filament spooler, sheet take-off systems, and pelletizers. A hygienic version for food and healthcare applications is also available.

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Chris Bradburn


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The Process 16 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder was created with a user-friendly touch-screen operation that features an integrated feeder control and easily removable product contact parts. The compact design minimizes the usage of lab space and ensures easy cleaning.

The Process 16 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder features:

  • Throughput range 0.4 kg/h to 20 kg/h (material dependent)
  • Segmented screw design and removable top half barrel
  • A screw length adjustment kit enables small quantity compounding
  • A fully ported barrel allows maximum flexibility for feeding and degassing
  • Contact parts selectable from three steel grades
  • An easy-to-operate touch screen with integrated feeder control
  • Broad accessory portfolio, e.g.. dies, feeders, water bath, conveyor belt, strand or die face pelletizers, haul off, and spooler
  • The granulation kit enables customers to switch between melt extrusion and wet/melt granulation
  • Geometrically scalable screw and barrel design across portfolio

Recommended for materials such as:

  • Polymers, Biopolymers
  • Additives
  • Adhesives
  • Food, e.g. high moisture meat analogues (HMMA); texturized vegetable proteins (TVP)
  • Cosmetics


  • Compounding
  • Masterbatches
  • Nanocomposites
  • Filter test
  • Blown film
  • Sheets

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