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Spectral Libraries for FTIR and Raman

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The attached document presents a comprehensive list of the FT-IR and FT-Raman spectral libraries available to be use with your FTIR or Raman spectrometer from Thermo Fisher. The document can be used to display a brief description of each library and to review the complete list of spectra the library contains. The document’s search features allow you to search the combined listings for a generic chemical group or a specific compound name. To see the library name that contains a highlighted compound during a search, scroll to the bottom of the page. The library name is listed in the document footer.

To display a short description for a library, click the library name. If you want to go directly to the list of spectra, click the appropriate field in the ”No. of Spectra” column.

Some of the librairies are included in the delivery of the spectrometer or microscope and some are optional. To review which libraries are included in the purchase of the equipment, please navigate to the product page and click on the datasheet part.

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