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GC-IR Interface for Nicolet™ FTIR Spectrometers

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The GC-IR Interface is optimized for analyzing small elution volumes found in high-resolution capillary columns. The system achieves excellent sensitivity, typically in the low nanogram range for volatile species. The combination of the GC-IR Interface with Thermo Scientific Nicolet FT-IR spectrometers provide an effective tool for analyzing multi-component organic samples, including solvents, reactants, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and environmental samples.

Advanced Features

Capillary column can be inserted directly into the lightpipe, eliminating component degradation and peak broadening in the transfer line

Gold-coated lightpipe with long pathlength and small inside diameter maximizes the infrared response for low nanogram sensitivity

Patented MCT-A detector contributes to the system’s unmatched sensitivity and dependability

Pinned-inplace Smart detectors can be interchanged with the bench detector without alignment

Smart detectors, with a plug-and-play feature, provide instant recognition of the detector and its location

Smart detectors feature a patented mechanism to prevent the formation of ice on the detector element and provide an 18-hour liquid hold-time

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