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Nicolet™ iN™10 Infrared Microscope

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Streamline your infrared microanalysis workflow with the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iN™10 Infrared Microscope. Designed with the simplicity of an FT-IR spectrometer and the ability to measure samples down to a few microns, it is a modern, productive and cost-effective infrared microanalysis solution. The Nicolet iN10 IR Microscope provides answers with the high degree of confidence required by today’s analytical laboratories.

The Nicolet iN10 Infrared Microscope Features:

  • Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Specta Software provides spectral identification of pure compounds and mixtures
  • Integrated design eliminates need for external spectrometer
  • Compact footprint saves laboratory space and budget
  • Room temperature detector eliminates need for liquid nitrogen for samples down to 50-microns
  • Computer-controlled automation allows access to all system settings from the computer
  • Programmable sample coordinates reduce time required for repetitive tasks
  • Dual monitor operation offers maximum viewing
  • Fully automated system performance verification provides maximum confidence

Configurable Options

  • Direct contact sampling with MicroTip ATR
  • Sensitivity enhancement with LN-cooled MCT detector
  • Manual or motorized stage
  • Enhanced visual inspection with motorized visible polarizer
  • Expand with Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iZ™10 FT-IR Module to work with standard sample-compartment accessories and full spectrometer capabilities

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