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Viscotester 3

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Perform viscosity measurements with ease! The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ 3 rotational viscometer ensures quick, reliable tests for QC applications. 

Designed for simplicity – The HAAKE Viscotester 3 Rotational Viscometer is built for ease of use to get you quickly to the right viscosity measurements:

  • Smart alignment given by design and visualized by an electronic level
  • Quick coupling of measuring geometries for fast and easy adaptation
  • Color coded geometries and a geometry range indicator ensure correct rotor selection every time
  • Adaptable display brightness ensures ideal readability in any environment
  • Battery and power supply options allow the viscometer to be run anywhere
  • Memory assist functionality allows you to quickly and easily compare measured viscosities with the reference point
  • Selectable viscosity units (mPa s or dPa s)
  • Compatibility with previous viscometer models

Recommended for: your entire process, from accepting the delivery of goods, to sampling during production and quality control (QC).

  • Printing inks, paints, inks and other coatings
  • Shampoos, creams, lotions, and similar personal care products
  • Oil, greases, pastes and similar substances
  • Sauces, thickeners, and similar food products

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