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HCS – Hall Effect Measurement System

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The L79/HCS system permits the characterization of semiconductor devices. It measures mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and Hall coefficient. The rugged desktop setup offers different sample holders for various geometries and temperature requirements.

An optional low temperature attachment and a high temperature version up to 700°C ensure that all fields of application can be covered. Different permanent and electric magnets provide fixed or variable magnetic fields up to several tessla. The comprehensive windows based software provides I-V and I-R plot. The system can be used to characterize various materials including Si, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP , GaN (N type and P type can be measured), metal layers, oxides etc.


  • Determination of charge carrier concentration
  • Measurement of electric resistivity
  • Measurement of Mobility
  • Determination of conductivity
  • Determination of alpha (horizontal / vertical ratio of resistance)
  • Determination of Hall coefficient
  • Measurement of magnetic resistance

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