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SPIR-Ident Module

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Gamma and neutron detectors
  • Modular system with up to four gamma and neutron modules
  • Automated operation coupled with video surveillance and occupancy sensors
  • Effective real-time Medical and NORM rejection
  • Masked and shielded SNM and RDD identification

The SPIR-Ident Module system is scalable and combines from 1 to 4 gamma detectors and optional neutron detectors with a local PC. The SPIR-Ident Module system transfers in real-time the radiological, video surveillance and occupancy sensors information to the central alarm station for an automated and easy monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian at a checkpoint.

This modular system can easily be integrated in existing structure or furniture for a discreet monitoring. It can also control barriers and provide alarms for local and/or remote decision-making. It is the ideal solution for covert surveillance in infrastructure, airports, port, crowd and truck screening.

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