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Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

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FTIR is an analytical method used in QC and in research in order to obtain an understanding of the organic content of a sample. Nicolet Summit FTIR mid-IR spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is an analytical tool that will help you generate the information fast, independent on type of sample (liquid or solid) using transmission or ATR measurements. Using Nicolet Summit will give rise to accurate and stable sample data. It allows you to work in a software environment (OMNIC Paradigm) known for its ease of use yet that possess enough power for the advanced analysis it can perform. Due to the full integration of a Windows 10 computer inside the Nicolet Summit and Summit Pro, there is no need for connecting the spectrometer to an external computer. The measurement data can easily be analyzed on site or transferred to your own computer when needed. If you are looking for a smart advanced FTIR instrument with a small footprint for your routine QC analysis or research samples, then the Nicolet Summit really is the best choice. The reasons for this statement follow below.

Light Drive optical engine

There is a new enhanced optical engine in the Nicolet Summit, the LightDrive Optical Engine. It includes a tremendously stable IR source, interferometer and laser. Just look at the difference between the stability of the LightDrive Optical Engine source image below compared to the industry standard source image. With the LightDrive source non-migrating stable hotspot, you will never have to doubt your data again. On top of that, due to this stability and performance, there is a 10 year warranty for the entire optical engine which will ensure a worry-free ownership for at least 10 years.


Smart background

The reason behind the statement that the Nicolet Summit will generate sample data fast is due to the unique ”Smart background” feature of the Nicolet Summit. The instrument automatically collects the background in the background, enabling the user to measure samples directly without wasting time to first having to perform background measurements. The Smart background will save you valuable time in the lab.


LightBar is a visual tool at the front of the Nicolet Summit instrument. The LightBar consists of a multicolored LED-ramp that allows you to identify the status of the instrument from a distance. The LightBar will indicate how far the analysis has progressed. It can also be used to visually identify if a sample has passed or failed by simply displaying green or red light.

Omnic Paradigm

OMNIC Paradigm is a user-friendly software that can perform advanced analysis for a large volume of samples and for many users. In OMNIC Paradigm it is easy to build workflow for your measurements where you can work against a reference material or a reference library. This is made possible via drag and drop options in the workflow setup. The software is available in two versions depending on if the touchscreen monitor is used or a separate screen and keyboard/mouse. OMNIC Paradigm users can also take advantage of the OMNIC Anywhere applications that allows you to perform the downstream analysis on your own computer (Mac or PC). 

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