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Instadose2 for Hp(10) and Hp(0.07)

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Instadose2 dosimeters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with communication range of to transmit dose data. The following communication devices are used to capture reads from instadose2 badges that are within range:

  • Mobile phone/Tablet using an App which is free for download at Google Play  Instadose Companion and Appstore Instadose Companion
  • InstaLink, connected via USB port to PC with internet connection
  • Hotspot, stand alone unit with internet connection using Ethernet or WiFi

A configurable calendar is used to set automatic read dates. At the scheduled date, the badge will attempt to transmit data to the Mirion server. If communication does not occur, the badge will attempt to communicate every hour for 24 hours. If the dosimeter is unable to communicate, the data will be stored in the badge until the next successful connection is established. Additionally, manual reads can be performed at anytime by pressing the button on the back of the badge for 4 seconds.

Monitor and Manage your dose results and users with the web-based platform. These could be found at www.instadose.com

  • Completely digitized dosimetry service
  • Eliminating the badge collection process
  • Tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees
  • Alerting e-mails sent when a dose exceeds a user specified level

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Maria Tallskog


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Dual Detectors: Deep: Hp(10) and Shallow Hp(0.07)
Detector principle: DIS (Direct Ion Storage)
Communication: Bluetooth BLE
Size: 50 x 50 mm
Weight: 23 gram
Minimum Reportable Dose: 50 µSv
Useful Dose Range: 50 µSv – 120 mSv (but up to 5 Sv in incident detector)
Photon Energy Response: 10 keV – 6 MeV
Beta Energy Response: ≥0.8 MeV
Temperature Range: 10-30°C

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