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OSL Eye Lens Dosemeter Hp(3)

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Autamme sinua löytämään oikean ratkaisun. Tarjoamme tukea, huoltoa, kalibrointia ja koulutusta kaikille tuotteillemme. Ota yhteyttä palvelusopimusta varten!


Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Measure Hp(3) eye lens dose monitoring
  • Accredited in Sweden for category A workers
  • One BeOSL element
  • Individual calibration
  • Including Gammadata report doses to national dose registry

The dosemeter badge is approved by several Radiation Safety Authority, such as PTB and SSM. It measure the dose to the eye’s lens according to Hp(3). The dosemeter is worn in a headband and can be adjusted to best represent the position of the eye in relation to the dose field. Connection to person is made through the ID code (6 digits) on the dosemeter housing or the QR code.

AWST-0010      ALD adapter with adhesive
AWST-0020      ALD adapter tool 
AWST-0030      Head band
AWST-0040      ALD head band adapter, blue

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Maria Tallskog


Tekniset tiedot

Detect: Photon radiation, Hp(3)
Detection principle: 1 pcs OSL pellet
Dose range: 0,1 mSv – 10 Sv
Photon range: 16 keV – 7 MeV
Weight: 0,4g, or 8 gram (incl head band)
Beta sensitivity: Yes, wear behind glasses if beta particles are present. Sr-90 sensitivity 2,53
Neutron sensitivity: No
Size: 17 x 14,5 x 3,5 mm
Monitoring period: Max 3 months

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