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OSL Ring Dosemeter Hp(0.07)

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Measure Hp(0.07) finger and extremity dose monitoring
  • Accredited for category A workers
  • One BeOSL element
  • Individual calibration
  • Including Gammadata report doses to national dose registry

Ring dosimeter badge for Hp(0.07) measurements, consisting of a numbered dosimeter cover and an BeO detector. Made of black plastic.

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Maria Tallskog


Tekniset tiedot

Detect: Fingers, Hp(0.07). Photons and high energy beta
Detection principle: 1 pcs OSL pellet
Dose range: 0,1 mSv – 10 Sv
Photon range: 16 keV – 7 MeV
Weight: 0,6g
Beta sensitivity: Yes, respons Sr-90 is 1,55
Neutron sensitivity: No
Size: 9 cm, detector diameter 12 mm
Monitoring period: 1 to 3 months

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