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IRD 2000 – Dosimeter calibrator

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The IRD 2000 irradiator has been developed for calibration or function check of dosimeters. It has the capability of checking 90 dosimeters per hour. IRD 2000 has the flexibility to us a Sr-90 source to check the beta response in the DMC2000XB or DMC3000 beta channel, in addition to the standardized gamma response check. The IRD 2000 can be used for DMC 2000, DMC 3000 and SOR. Equuipped with a 0,37 GBq Cs-137 source.

Golden dosimeter is not included and has to be ordered separately.

The use of this irradiator requires a manufacturer accreditation obtained after a training session.

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Stefan Mårtensson


Tekniset tiedot

Delivered dose: 3 mSv/h
Total check lenghts: 2 min (dose 50 µSv)
Total uncertainty (K=2) 6% (dose 100 µSv)
5 cm lead protection
External dose rate: < 2,5 µSv/h at 30 cm.
Lockable shutter
Dimensions 350 x 443 x 529 mm
Weight < 80 kg

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