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LB 124 Scint

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  • Measured units Bq/cm² or CPS
  • LB 124 Scint is very versatile with useful accessories
  • Simultaneous measurement of alphas and betas
  • Scintillating detector, no counting gas required. Less and cheaper maintenance
  • Excellent uniform detector response

LB 124 Scint is a handheld alpha-beta contamination monitor based on a 170 cm² ZnS(Ag) scintillation detector. The sophisticated reflector geometry ensures that the response is extremely flat over the entire sensitive area.
It measure alpha and beta simultaneously and feature for more than 50 nuclide calibration factors for accurate measurement in Bq/cm². Calibration is according to ISO 7503-1. Alarm thresholds are adjustable.
LB 124 has different user profiles with different access of parameter settings. Experienced user have access to a wide range och functions, parameters and utilities. Data transfer is possible via RS232 interface.

Part Numbers
43727-10 = LB 124 Scint with one set of 3 x C-cell alkaline batteries
43727-20 = LB 124 Scint with wall mount stand, power supply and rechargeable batteries

Ota yhteyttä

Stefan Mårtensson


Tekniset tiedot

Radiation detected: In two channels, alpha, beta/gamma
Measurement modes: Alpha and beta measurement simultaneous and separate, ratemeter, scaler-timer-mode
Radiation detector: ZnS(Ag) scintillator
Detector: Dimensions 118 mm x 145 mm, sensitive area: 170 cm².
Entrance window: Plastic metallized, thickness of 6 µm (0.4 mg/cm²)
Transmission Protective grid: 80 %
Max. operating time (without illumination)
3.5 Ah Ni-MH > 25 h
7.8 Ah alkaline batteries > 50 h
Instrument Dimensions: 240 mm x 140 mm x 110 mm
Weight with batteries: 1300 g
Data memory: 1000 measured values
PC Interface: RS232
Temperature range -20°C to +40°C (Operation)
Temperature range -40°C to +60°C (Storage)
Relative humidity 0 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Protection class: IP53
Battery type: C-cell

Efficiency (related to the activity of a source with an area of 100 cm²)
C-14: 11 % (Beta channel)
Cl-36: 43 % (Beta channel)
Co-60: 29 % (Beta channel)
Cs-137: 43 % (Beta channel)
Pu-239: 18 % (Alpha channel)
Am-241: 20 % (Alpha channel)
Background approx. 0.1 cps (Alpha channel)
Background approx. 10 cps (Beta channel)
Gamma sensitivity in external Cs-137 field with 1 µSv/h
Alpha channel not detectable
Beta channel < 100 cps
Spillover Alpha to beta channel: < 20 % with Po-210
Spillover Beta to alpha channel: < 2 x 10-5 with Sr-90
Measuring range: 0 to 5000 cps (Alpha channel), 0 to 50000 cps (Beta channel)
Surface response uniformity:  max. ± 20 % (Alpha channel with Am-241 and beta channel with C-14 point sources)

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