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Identifinder R440

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The identiFINDER R440 is a lightweight, sourceless radioisotope identification device (RIID). The 2×2 NaI detector responds to radiological threats from farther away, behind heavier shielding, and with better resolution than similarly-sized RIIDs. The extended energy range provides neutron indication. Its light weight makes single-handed operation easy on extended operations, while the IP67-rated enclosure is built to survive. The bold, easy-to-read interface with 360° EasyFinder mode expedites decision-making to keep personnel and the community safe

As an accessory, there is equipment to simulate radiation sources with the aim of being able to train without the risk of exposure.

Mobil App RadREMOTE for remote access and reachback is found here for Google play Android and here for Appstore iOS

  • Very high sensitivity and better resolution than comparatively sized RIIDs.
  • High dose rate range
  • Sourceless stabilization
  • Source Finder Mode, give direction to the source
  • NaI, CLLBC and LaBr detector options

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Stefan Mårtensson


Tekniset tiedot

Detector: NaI/NaIL 51 x 51 mm, CLLCB: 36 x 38 mm, LaBr: 38 x 38 mm
Neutron detector: NaIL, ZnS(Li)
Energy Range (Gamma):10 keV to 10 MeV
Resolution: ≤7% FWHM at 662 keV with NaI/NaIL, ≤4% FWHM at 662 keV with CLLBC, ≤3% FWHM at 662 keV with LaBr
Gamma Sensitivity: NaI/NaIL =1850 cps/μSv/h, CLLBC = 985 cps/µSv/h, LaBr = 780 cps/µSv/h
Neutron Sensitivity: NaIL ≥2.8 cps/nv, CLLBC = 17 cps/nv, LaBr = 7,8 cps/nv
Gamma Spectrum Length: 1024 channels
Dose Rate Range (Cs-137, NaI): 10nSv/h – 10mSv/h / ±30 %
Dose Rate Range ID Mode (Cs-137, NaI): 10nSv/h – 250µSv/h
Overload Dose Rate Range (Cs-137, NaI): 10mSv/h – 500mSv/h
Stabilization: Sourceless gain stabilization (patents pending)
Nuclide Identification: Exceed ANSI N42.34
Library Categories: SNM, IND, MED, NORM
Display: Color LCD 3” with resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Communication: USB 2.0, USB OTG; Bluetooth® Class 2.0 ≤10m range (removable); WiFi 802.11 g/n
Data Storage: 32GB internal memory
GPS: 72-channel u-blox M8 engine
Software: On-board webserver software
Battery: 2x rechargeable Li-Ion and 1 x 4x AA pack
Battery life: ≤6h with Li-Ion smartpack, ≤4h with AA battery pack
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50°C
Dimensions: 10 x 27 x 9,4 cm (L × W × H)
Weight ≤1.5 kg
Protection class: IP67 according to IEC 60529

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