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CAPRAC-t well counter offers the speed, accuracy and complete range of built-in features to  performs a wipe test in just six seconds for 37 Bq. It detects low levels of activity with the accuracy only a NaI drilled-well detector can provide.

It can also serve as a single-well gamma counter. A 256-channel pulse-height analyzer permits built-in gamma spectroscopy. Definable conversion factors for specific radionuclides allow the CAPRAC-t counter to calculate results in cpm, dpm, nCi, cps, dps, or kBq. The CAPRAC-t unit also displays full spectrum.

The CAPRAC-t counter is engineered and built for years of consistent, reliable performance. The unit has automatic background subtraction and self-diagnosis programs for systems testing. It includes a lead outer shield (13 mm thick) with optional auxiliary shield available.

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Göran Jonsson


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