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MIP 10

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Autamme sinua löytämään oikean ratkaisun. Tarjoamme tukea, huoltoa, kalibrointia ja koulutusta kaikille tuotteillemme. Ota yhteyttä palvelusopimusta varten!


Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Measurement of contamination and dose rate
  • Rugged and easy to use
  • Customizable alarm setpoint
  • Scaler / Timer mode
  • Analog-like bargraph with digital display
  • Back-up built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Compatibility with CSP probes
  • Fast bargraph response
  • Easy to decontaminate

The MIP 10 Digital device is a desktop dose rate and survey meter with alarm function. Its large base of associated probes covers numerous applications. It comes with two probe inputs, one dedicated to the previous generation Mirion probes (Nardeux) and one to the Mirion Smart Probes (CSP), hence allowing connection of two probes at a time. Integrated rechargeable batteries 40 h life, prevent outage when performing critical measurements.

Optional: Pedestal stand

Probes to MIP 10 could be found here


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Stefan Isaksson


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