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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • The compact size and remote operation capability of the CSM-GR1 monitor allows it to fit into small spaces while the operator is at a safe distance away 
  • Results available immediately – no waiting for sample collection, processing and analysis in the count room 
  • Data shows short term variations in nuclide concentrations that are not discernible with typical 4 or 8 hour grab samples 
  • No cooling fans in the electronics eliminates risk of internal contamination 
  • Quick installation for minimal dose, with no additional dose incurred during operation 
  • User can easily create new efficiency calibrations (pipes, tanks, stacks, etc.) on the PC and upload them to the Data Analyst™ module for immediate use 
  • Compatible Mirion WRM2™ Wireless modules and Horizon® Supervisory System software 
  • GR1+ unit, shield and PC can be used without the DA module for conventional in-situ spectroscopic analysis of plant components: 
    • Waste assay – containers and objects 
    • Evaluation of spills or leaks 
    • Assay of filters 
    • As part of an Emergency Response Kit

The CSM-GR1 Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor is a very small, yet powerful, in situ measurement system based on standard and well-established Canberra gamma spectroscopy components.

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