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Hidex AquaLight+ is a general-purpose high safety scintillation cocktail for aqueous and non-aqueous samples, for both general beta counting and alpha-beta separation applications. AquaLight+ is a DIN based cocktail capable of handling a broad range of solutes, combining high counting efficiency and low background with a very high level of sample acceptance, particularly for high ionic strength solutes.



• Water-dissolving DIN cocktail for general beta counting and α/β separation applications
• High sample capacity, low background and high counting efficiency
• Solubility up to 12 ml water in 10 ml cocktail
• Compatible with urine samples and samples with high mineral acid concentrations.
• Good α/β-counting properties
• No diffusion through plastic vials ensures stable repeatable counting
• High flash point of ~140°C increases safety
• REACH regulations classify NPEs used in this cocktail as SVHC’s (Substances of Very High Concern)
and therefore this cocktail is available for research use only.
• Disposal by incineration only

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