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ISOCS/LabSOCS Detector Efficency Characterization

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • No radioactive sources needed
  • Calibrations valid from 10 to 7000 keV
  • 3D visualization speeds geometry creation and error identification
  • Uncertainty Estimator and Assay Planning tool
  • Advanced Collimator designs
  • Calibrations valid from detector face out to 500 meters
  • Operates with Germanium, NaI and LaBr3 detectors by Mirion
  • Includes 21 geometry templates
  • Calibrations accurate at any angle from detector
  • Ideal for In Situ applications
  • Library of common absorber and tools to create new material
  • Custom templates
  • Multi-Efficiency program
  • Geometry Composer Report


HPGe detectors must be “characterized” to provide individual detector response characteristics to be used with LabSOCS and ISOCS Efficiency Software. Read more here.

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Stefan Isaksson


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