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Alpha Source Set

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Available as type A-1, A-2 or PM
  • Mixed Alpha Source 

The composite alpha source is designed to be used as an energy marker for alpha spectroscopy systems. Pu-239, Am-241 and Cm-244, with 370 Bq each, are electroplated onto a polished platinum or platinum clad nickel foil. The active area is 5.0 mm. The source is supplied uncovered. These nuclides provide alpha particles from approximately 5100 to 5800 keV and exhibit line widths typically less than 20 keV FWHM. This energy range is wide enough to provide a valid energy calibration for most alpha emitting nuclides.

The source, when purchased as a NIST traceable standard, can also be used to determine detector efficiencies for alpha particles. Total activity and individual activities are provided on the Certificate of Calibration. Alpha absorption data is mentioned in the catalog. The composite alpha source is available in the type A-2, A-1, and PM configurations. See the specification of the other types for further mechanical information

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