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Mixed gamma standard solutions

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Mixed gamma ray sources are used in the calibration of spectroscopic detectors, e.g. HPGe. These are composed of suitable nuclides over a wide energy range with minimal spectral interference from cascade decay. Nuclides have only one or two gamma lines over the entire energy range. The solutions can be supplemented with inactive solutions for background measurement.

The sources are calibrated and delivered with certificates, E&Z or DAkkS.

7500- and 7600-series
Mixed Gamma Standard with isotopes Cd-109, Ce-139, Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Hg-203, Sn-113, Sr-85, Y-88. Energy range 88 – 1836 keV. Several options with additional isotopes are available.
7500-serien contain Te-123m and Cr-51 for those who wants to avoid mercury
7600-serien contain Ce-139 and Hg-203. Avoid polyethylene container as these might be contaminated.
Series traceable to NIST and each component is certified with uncertainty less than ±5%. Manufacturing whole year in Valencia/CA/USA

NG1 and NG4
NG1 is recommended by PTB within energy range 46 – 1836 keV. Isotopes Ba-133, Ce-139, Co-57, Cs-137, Mn-54, Sr-85, Y-88 and Zn-65.
NG4 is recommended by PTB within energy range 46 – 136 keV (low energy calibration) using isotopes Am-241, Cd-109, Co-57 and Pb-210.

8400-, 8500-, and 8600-series
Mixed Gamma Standard containing Cd-109, Ce-139, Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Hg-203, Sn-113, Y-88 within energy range 88 – 1836 keV. Several options with additional isotopes are available.
8400-series contain Hg-203
8500-series contain Hg-203 and Sr-85
8600-series contain no mercury Hg-203 which is replaced by Cr-51 and Sr-85

8700-series TCC
This mixture minimizes coincident summing effects, which is particularly important when counting close to large, high-efficiency, germanium detectors. Contaning Am-241, Cd-109, Co-57, Ce-139, Hg-203, Sn-113, Sr-85, Cs-134, Cs-137, Mn-54, Y-88, Zn-65, Y-88. Also Pb-210 can be added as option.

Inactive solutions

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