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Liquid Scintillation Counting Standards

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  • Sources to Hidex LSC
  • Sources to Beckman Coulter LSC
  • Radionuclides available include, but are not limited to the following: 3H, 14C, 36Cl, 55Fe, 63Ni, 99Tc, 89Sr, 90Sr

Custom quench standard sets (typically 5-10 vials) for liquid scintillation counting can be prepared using the customer’s LS counting fluid (cocktail). Standards are prepared gravimetrically and flame sealed in glass LS vials.
After preparation, the quenched sets are counted on one of Analytics’ calibrated liquid scintillation counting systems. Contact us with your specific requirements. Customers can supply their specific type of liquid scintillation vials.

A set contains 3H, 14C, and a background sample. Activities are 5 kBq (300,000 dpm) for 3H and 2.16 kBq (130,000 dpm) for 14C.

A set contains 241Am, 36Cl and a background sample. Typical activities are 1.6 kBq (100,000 dpm) for each isotope. Other radionuclides and activities are available upon request.

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