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Mixed Nuclide check source

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Autamme sinua löytämään oikean ratkaisun. Tarjoamme tukea, huoltoa, kalibrointia ja koulutusta kaikille tuotteillemme. Ota yhteyttä palvelusopimusta varten!


Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • One source type can be used for all monitors on site
  • Saves specifying 3 or more sources
  • Saves carrying sets of sources

These sources emit alpha-, beta- and gamma-radiation for checking the operation of surface contamination monitors and survey dosimeters. 

The source is constructed from 3 active components (drawing: VZ-1444). Am-241 is incorporated in the surface of an anodized aluminium foil, and mounted at the top of the source. A Sr-90 foil is constructed in the same way and mounted below the Am-241 foil. An ion-exchange resin bead impregnated with Cs-137 is glued into an inner capsule and mounted under the foils. The casing is constructed from black anodized aluminium and the source is supplied in a lightweight storage case. A plastic cap is supplied to protect the surface of the source when not in use.

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Stefan Mårtensson


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Am-241 with activity 0,8 kBq emitting 400 alphas/sec
Sr-90 with activity 0,5 kBq emitting 150 betas/sec
Cs-137 with activity 15 kBq emitting gammas

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