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LB 148

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The LB 148 is a compact hand/foot monitor with back of hand measurement. Its possible to measure alpha and beta/gamma contamination simultaneously but the instrument can also used as pure beta/gamma monitor. The results is presented in Bq/cm² or cps. The LB 148 has a removable hand probe for clothing measurements. A Personnel ID can be made with optional card reader or transponder.

  • ZnS(Ag) – maintenance free scintillation detectors
  • Simultaneous back of hand measurement with automatically moving back of hand detector for optimal measurement geometry
  • LB 148 feature a space-saving design
  • High detector efficiencies
  • Removable hand probe for clothing measurement

Ota yhteyttä

Göran Jonsson


Tekniset tiedot

Detectors: ZnS
Connection: up to 6 probes with +5 V supply
I/O: 4 digital inputs, 6 control voltages
Interfaces: 1 as RS 232 or RS 485, 2nd as RS 232, Ethernet and USB (slave) interface
Relays: 3
Footprint: 85 cm x 125 cm x 82 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 43 kg
Power supply: 1~230V
Temperature range: -5 °C to +40 °C (operation)
Relative humidity: 0 % to 90 % (no condensation)

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