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FastTrack-Fibre – Gamma Portal Monitor

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Up to 14 large volume GammaFibre detectors in a compact steel housing
  • Alarm annunciation by light and voice
  • Industrial PC supported measurement electronics suitable for networking
  • Touchscreen for setup and additional data display
  • FastTrack algorithms for the acceleration of the measurements without compromising detection performance and leading to a reduction of false alarm rates induced by background events.
  • Available in different versions for indoor, outdoor and mobile installations
  • Configuration with 900 mm passage-way width available (suitable for wheelchairs)

The FastTrack-Fibre Monitor (FTF) is not a conventional type Gamma portal monitor. It unites the advances of GammaFibre and FastTrack technologies in a compact design, thereby setting a new standard in personnel gamma monitoring. The FastTrack technology delivers a robust performance under circumstances when a conventional gamma monitor would produce a false alarm or worse, go into genuine alarm without actually being aable to locate the person carrying a source.

00975V000000 Standard 620 mm
00975V000090 900 mm
00975V000003 outdoor

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Göran Jonsson


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Dimension: 600 x 620 (910) x 2272 mm
Weight: ~ 300 kg

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