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Captus 700

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Huolto & Korjaukset Tarjouspyyntö
  • Thyroid Uptake
  • 512 channels Multichannel Analyzer
  • Light weight floor stand, table top or wall mounted.
  • With or without well counter for lab analysis
  • Lab Tests

Captus 700 provide a cost effective measurement system for thyroid uptake. The software has dedicated modules for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Tests, Bio-Assay,  Schilling Test, Blood Volume, and RBC Survival. ROI’s can be selected with pre-defined regions or define by the user.

Multiple protocols can be established utilizing I-123, I-131 or Tc-99m.  The protocols can use a standard capsule method or allow an automatic decay correction to the administered dose. The system will store detailed patient demographics, physician data and administered dose data. There is no limit to the number of uptakes that can be performed, and the results will be reported with detailed count information and automatic percentage uptake calculations.

Available products;
Captus 700t Thyroid Uptake System …………………………………..5430-3137
Captus 700t Thyroid Uptake System with Well ……………………..5430-3138
Captus 700t Thyroid Uptake System table top……………………….
Optional Well Detector with 2” Lead Shield …………………………5430-0069


Ota yhteyttä

Stefan Mårtensson


Tekniset tiedot

•  8” VGA LCD Color Touch Screen Display

•  Detector: 2” x 2” shielded NaI (TI) crystal with standard or optional Pediatric/Bioassay collimator

•  Well Detector: Drilled well 2”x2” NaI (TI)
1: Well Diameter: 1.6 cm max x Depth: 4 cm x Lead: 2.5 cm
2: Well Diameter: 1.6 cm max x Depth: 4 cm x Lead: 5* cm (Lined with brass to minimize backscatter)

•  Multichannel Analyzer: 512 Channels; Automatic self-calibration; Linearity – within 2% full scale; Differential Linearity – 2% SD; A to D conversion time -10 microseconds; Low Energy Discrimination Level – 16 KeV, 4 Channels (whichever is greater); ROI – Automatic or Manual (ROIs can be saved); Background subtraction and mean energy calculation via curve fittings; Maximum Count Rate – 100,000 counts per second (Real Time); Linear Display – Automatic/Manual

•  Nuclide Data: Touch Screen Menu Driven Keys; Over 90 Nuclides in Memory (major gamma-ray energies and intensities, half-life)

•  Utilities: System Setup; Data Entries (Wipe Test locations, Staff Bioassay Data, Nuclear Data, etc.); Staff Bioassay Report Generation; Multichannel Analysis

•  Diagnostics and Tests: Full system self-diagnostics including all program and data memories; Comprehensive test programs include automatic Chi-Squared, MDA and FWHM.

•  Printer: Color Inkjet; Print results of studies including color graphic displays

•  Thyroid Uptake Stand: Rugged floor stand with spring arm and shelves; Heavy duty locking casters; Base designed to hold Well Detector

•  Power Requirements: 230V .125A 180-250V 50-60HZ (With circuit protections, line filter and isolation transformer)

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