Co-worker Interview

Stefan Isaksson

Get to Know Stefan Isaksson

When did you start at Gammadata?
I started as a development engineer back in 1992 developing or further developing measuring instruments of various kinds.

Which products from Gammadata do you work with?
Today, I mainly work with products and systems used for gamma spectroscopy, but also other types of instruments that are often used in laboratories or research labs.

Have you worked with similar products previously and if yes, for how many years?
Yep, ever since I studied at Uppsala University to become a nuclear physicist, I have worked with some of the products I work with today. How many years? Oh, it’s getting close to 40(!) years.

What is the most fun about your job at Gammadata?
It feels really nice when you know that you were able to help a customer with the choice of a measurement technology solution that does exactly what everyone involved wants it to do. Then I like my colleagues and during the coffee breaks there are often both interesting and funny discussions.

Approximately how many “units” do you handle per month (including PM, repair, training, installation)?
I mainly work with sales, although support is also on the menu. It will be a handful per week, but it can vary greatly.

Tell us about a project or a situation in your career at Gammadata that you are particularly proud of.
Now, I’ve been around for so long that I think I could fill a whole novel with interesting projects we’ve completed. When I sell a complex system that goes through a whole series of quality assurance steps and everything goes well when it’s put into operation, then you feel proud.

What is your best tip to improve the working day?
If you’re stuck on something, take a walk through the corridors and maybe into the workshop. Either you come up with something clever or a colleague does.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? For example, something you think is very good or something you think more people should know about? Such as the possibility to make a request directly via our website or otherwise.
A tip is to always give us a signal. We may be able to solve a measurement technology problem even if it is not directly apparent from what we market.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
The family got a house (for the first time) a few years ago and it takes up some of their free time. Otherwise, I like to train and watch the youngest child’s floorball matches, where I often run the music, an old DJ that you are.

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