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Co-worker Interview

Ulf Gunnarsson

Get to Know Ulf Gunnarsson

When did you start at Gammadata as service engineer?


Which products from Gammadata do you work with?

HPLC, FTIR, Rheology, Extruders

Did you work with similar products previously and if yes , for how many years?

Yes, HPLC-29år, FTIR-5?år,Rheology no, Extruders No

What is the most fun about your job at Gammadata?

The flexibility in the work I’m doing, meaning – everyday has a new challenge stored which looks different from day to day.

How many “devices” do you handle per months approximately (including PM , repair, training, installation)?

Varying from 5-15

Tell us about a project or a situation in your career at Gammadata that you are particularly proud of.

I’m generally proud of everything I do. What I do is important for our customers.

If I fail, it might mean systems are standing still much longer than they should. It could stop products from getting out of production line or give false readings on drugs important for people’s health.

I had a case where I used knowledge, fantasy, and handy skill to solve both a chemical problem and a mechanical problem which had the customer stopped using the instrument for some time. It was a particular eluding problem and solved in very short while.

The customers smile was quiet rewarding when they could use the instrument in hours instead of weeks.

What is your best tip to improve the working day?

Don’t turn your paper more than once. Meaning – complete the task at hand before starting next.

Otherwise, one loose time and must start the process all over again.

Do you have any other tips you want to share? For example. something you think is very good or something you think more people should know about? Such as possibility to make an inquiry through our webpage directly or other things.

If possible I think it should be easy for people to get in touch with us. There should be several ways to contact us. Email, telephone and the possibility to open a ticket from the homepage – easily – A drag and drop box with category questions, possibility to write down instrument serial number and instrument type, Writers name, telephone number, email and a free box with possibility to write down reason for contacting us.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Riding motorcycles, work with cars and playing with my children, Eating a good dinner with my wife.

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