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DP5 OEM Digital Pulse Processor

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  • 80 MHz ADC
  • Replaces both shaping amplifier and MCA
  • Supports both reset and feedback preamplifiers of either polarity
  • MCS Mode
  • 16 SCA’s
  • List Mode
  • Streaming Mode
  • Configurable with a charge sensitive preamplifier for use with PMTs
  • For OEM or custom laboratory use
  • Highly configurable

The DP5 is a high performance digital pulse processor (DPP) optimized for OEMs and lab users. It digitizes the preamplifier output signals, replacing both the shaping amplifier and MCA in a traditional, analog spectroscopy system. The DP5 offers several clear advantages over traditional systems, including improved performance (very high resolution, reduced ballistic deficit, higher throughput, and enhanced stability), enhanced flexibility, low power consumption, small size, and low cost.

The DP5 implements the pulse processing using dedicated circuitry. It includes an 8051 compatible microcontroller for controlling the unit. Communication interfaces include RS-232, USB, and Ethernet. Several general purpose I/O lines are also available. The DP5 is suitable for OEMs and for laboratory users who need custom capabilities and are familiar with electronics.

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Stefan Mårtensson


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