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Fido X4

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  • Premium handheld explosives trace detector

The Fido X4 is a premium handheld explosives trace detector (ETD) that delivers unmatched sensitivity for a broad range of explosives, so you can easily detect threats at levels others can’t. Next generation FLIR TrueTrace detection technology features a new five-channel sensor array that delivers expanded threat coverage, enhanced sensitivity, and identification in a wide range of environmental conditions. The simplified user interface features onboard video tutorials, user prompts, and color coded alarms with strength indicators so you can operate quickly and decisively. Analysis and reporting of results are made simple through multiple modern connectivity options, allowing critical data to be shared quickly. 

An introduction video of FIDO could be seen here

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Detects: Chemical, Explosives
Detection principle: Molecular Spectroscopy
Detection method: Amplifying Fluorescence Polymers;
Sample Introduction: Swipes and Vapor
Sampling phase: Trace particulate and vapor
Time to alarm: 10 – 25 sec
Clear-Down time: less than 30 sec
Interface: USB-C, toggleable WiFi and BT
Data storage: 3500 h
Battery lie: up to 16h, 2 recharge batteries and two hot-swappable Li-ion batteries
Startup Time: 3 minutes from cold. less than 10 sec from sleep
Operating temp: 0 – 40 deg C
Dimension: 37 x 11,5 x 7 cm
Weight: 1,5kg
Ingress protection: IP54

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