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The Phoenix® system is engineered for high throughput and maximum uptime in any fabrication environment, from pilot production to industrial-grade manufacturing. Technologists and researchers rely on the Phoenix® for repeatable, highly accurate film deposition on flat and 3D substrates alike. And with support for up to six individual precursor lines, the Phoenix® delivers solid, liquid, or gaseous process chemistries depending on your thin film needs. A compact footprint and innovative design makes the Phoenix® the practical choice for those with batch production ALD requirements.

Key features include:
  • Precise software control of process parameters, including temperature, flow and pressure, for defect-free coatings on even the most sensitive substrates
  • Patented ALD Shield™ vapor trap to prevent build-up of deposits and minimizes excess process gases from being exhausted into the environment
  • Large process chamber accepts GEN 2.5 substrates, multiple wafer cassettes and larger 3D objects
  • Low cost of ownership with minimal startup and operational costs
  • Compact footprint that conserves valuable clean room space
  • Standard recipes and ALD materials readily available
  • Comprehensive support and services worldwide from technical team and PhD scientists
  • CE, FCC, and CSA compliant with many built-in safety features


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Technical specification

Technical specifications
Substrate Size Up to 370 mm x 470 mm (Gen 2.5 Panels)
Up to 360 wafers – 100 mm (cassette)
Up to 160 wafers – 150 mm (cassette)
Up to 100 wafers – 200 mm (cassette)
Up to 40 wafers – 300 mm (cassette)
Custom holders for 3D objects
Dimensions (W x L x H) 900 mm x 1370 mm x 1700 mm
Cabinet Vented cabinet with smoke detection
Power 208 VAC 3 Phase, 8500 W (excluding pump)
Control Windows™ PC
Substrate Temperature Up to 285º C
Deposition Uniformity (AI203) ≤2%
Vacuum Pump Dry pump ≥350 CFM
Compatibility Cleanroom compatible
Precursor Delivery System Standard 4 lines accommodate solid, liquid and gas precursors
Lines independently heated up to 200°C
Valves High speed ALD valves
Precursor Cylinders 3.1 l or 600ml cylinders
Carrier/Venting Gas N2 or Ar MFC flow control
Chamber Volume (L x W x H) (50cm, 40cm,24cm)

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