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Pre-weighed fluxes

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Claisse now offers pre-weighed fluxes to speed up sample preparation. Note that any type or quantity of fluxes can be pre-weighed. They come in vials that are easy to use for your convenience.

Customized fluxes were also developed over the years to save you time and meet your special needs. They are available in any borate ratio.

Here is a list of a few personalized fluxes developed by our experts: 

  • Li2B4O7/LiBO2/ LiNO3 
  • Li2B4O7 / LiF 
  • Li2B4O7/LiBO2/LiBr/NaNO3 
  • Li2B4O7/LiBO2/Nb2O5 
  • Li2B4O7/LiBO2/LiI/Co2O3


Ramin Lindqvist


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