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MiniCTW Micro-Conical Twin Screw Compounder

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The HAAKE MiniCTW Micro-Conical Twin Screw Compounder is an invaluable tool designed to meet the specific needs of industrial research and development, with a minimal sample requirement of 5g or 7cm3. This cutting-edge instrument is particularly well-suited for the precisely controlled reactive extrusion of high-viscous melts. Here are key features and applications:

Key Features:

  1. Sample Size: Requires only 5g or 7cm3 of sample material.
  2. Controlled Extrusion: Achieve precise control of reactive extrusion for high-viscous melts.
  3. MS-Windows™ Based Software: User-friendly software offering multiple test set-ups for flexibility.
  4. Circulation Mode: Enables easy control of the required reaction time for reactive mixtures.
  5. Torque Monitoring: The reaction process is effectively monitored by measuring the torque of the drive motor.
  6. Bypass Valve: After the test, the bypass valve can be opened for convenient sample extrusion as a strand.
  7. Data Storage: Test results are stored in the software for future reference and analysis.

Applications: The HAAKE MiniCTW Micro-Conical Twin Screw Compounder is recommended for industrial research in material science across various markets, including:

  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace
  3. Electronics
  4. Polymer Processing
  5. Polymer Screening
  6. Colorants
  7. Specialty Inks / Toners
  8. Building and Construction
  9. Consumer Products
  10. Pulp and Paper

Differentiation: This model stands out from the well-established Thermo Scientific HAAKE MiniLab micro-compounder by being specifically designed for industrial research and development. While the HAAKE MiniLab focuses on polymer development applications, the HAAKE MiniCTW caters to a broader range of markets, including polymer, bioscience, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical.

Comprehensive Solutions: To complement this micro-conical twin screw compounder, our international team of material characterization experts provides proven answers for small sample compounding, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your research and development needs.

Experience the precision, efficiency, and versatility of the HAAKE MiniCTW Micro-Conical Twin Screw Compounder for advanced industrial research in material science.


Chris Bradburn


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