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Smart iTX™ Accessory

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Smart iTX™ Accessory for the Nicolet™ iS™ 10 and iS™ 20 FTIR Spectrometers

Gain clarity about your sample with the Thermo Scientific™ Smart iTX™ Accessory for the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™ 10,  iS™ 20 and iS50 FTIR Spectrometers. This durable, high-performance diamond ATR provides the high-quality spectral data needed to verify pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients, identify polymers, copolymers and additives in plastics, inspect incoming raw materials and analyze volatile liquids.

Smart iTX optics maximize energy throughput to provide sample data in seconds. Robust operation is assured by the dependable crystal mounting system and Smart chip technology that integrates the Smart iTX into your spectrometer.

Get more from your Thermo Scientific FT-IR spectrometer with the Smart iTX Accessory. A monolithic diamond ATR crystal and high-efficiency, all-reflective optics combine with a variety of interchangeable crystal plates to provide the robustness and flexibility to meet your material identification and verification needs.  You get clean, high-quality spectra in less time across the entire mid-infrared and far-infrared spectral range.* 

  • Monolithic diamond crystal provides superior robustness.
  • Full spectral range yields more information about your sample.
  • Interchangeable ZnSe and GE crystalsoffer sampling versatility.
  • Automatic accessory recognition enables high productivity.

* Far-infrared region requires XR Diamond and appropriately configured spectrometer.

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