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DXR3 Raman Microscope

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Access Raman data faster than ever with this easy-to-use point-and-shoot Raman Microscope. Advanced imaging capabilities make the new Thermo Scientific™ DXR™3 Raman Microscope faster with instant visual information from 3D Visualization Software and DynaCal Automatic X-axis Calibration that eliminates manual calibration. With speed and flexibility from new lasers and gratings the DXR3 Raman Microscope is ideal for applications like pharmaceutical, academic, advanced polymers, microplastics and many more.

  • Versatile research-grade microscope for superior performance and ease of use
  • High spatial resolution mapping and point-and-shoot operation for the most demanding analytical tasks
  • Now available with particle analysis workflow for automated microparticle location and identification
  • More flexibility than ever with polarization Raman capabilities and six laser options including high power 532 nm and 633 nm options
  • Improved reliability and efficiency with automatic x-axis calibration


Jan Norberg

Technical specification


  • New, 3D Advanced Visualization Software for instant visual information
  • New, Particle Analysis for quickly identifying and analyzing microparticles
  • High performance confocal Raman microscopy in a robust, integrated design
  • Autoalignment and calibration ensures scientifically accurate measurements, without tools or manual procedures
  • Real-time preview, automated fluorescence correction, autoexposure, and cosmic ray rejection
  • System status indicator shows the user at a glance that the system is optimized and ready to collect data
  • Three-path fine beam autoalignment maintains peak performance and sampling integrity
  • Laser power regulation ensures consistent sample excitation over the lifetime of the laser
  • Advanced spectrograph design with no moving parts simplifies use and make the detection system and calibration robust
  • Pre-aligned and lock-in-place components use automatic recognition and stored alignment, allowing any user to reconfigure an instrument in seconds
  • Lasers and other components can be interchanged and shared with every instrument in the DXR3 Raman family
  • Optional, automated polarized Raman capabilities provide structural information that complements chemical information
  • Add new wavelengths without tools or service engineer visit

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