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The LUXORAu is an advanced, fully automated sputtering device that applies a fine grain gold coating from 1 to 100 nm thickness. This allows you to get the very best SEM imaging quality from your samples.

LUXOR’s unique A² technology creates a controlled plasma in the process gas. In the plasma, ions are accelerated by means of high voltage and directed onto the gold target. Finest gold atom clusters are thereby released from the target and coat your samples in a precise manner, resulting in an extremely uniform, thin and homogeneous gold layer.

The LUXORAu is also renowned for its ease of use and quick, hassle-free operation.

LUXOR gold coater is the first in line of a series of tools designed to help the SEM market.

  • No operator training needed
  • Au coating with air or argon
  • Maximum capacity: 7 x Ø 12.5 mm or 3 x Ø 25 mm stubs
  • Average coating time: 5 minutes (based on a 10 nm gold coating)
  • Vacuum & drying modes: 7 Pa to 150 Pa (continuously selectable)
  • Process time: 1 to 600 minutes (continuously selectable)
  • Gold layer thickness: 1 to 100 nm (continuously selectable)
  • Easy and fast target replacement


Chris Bradburn


Technical specification

  • Gold sputtering mode
  • Sample drying mode
  • Vacuum mode
SINGLE TOUCH OPERATION (just select thickness and start)
  • Automated operation (No operator management of vacuum, current or sputtering time needed)
  • Reproducible coatings
  • Magnetron head placed at the bottom
  • Creates optimum coatings
  • Hanging samples remove loose particles outside your SEM
  • Easy access to your sample stubs
  • Sample drying (selectable pressure and process time)
  • Outgas porous samples before loading into the SEM
  • Evaporate wet samples
  •  Operates with Argon 5.0 or air
  •   Easily accessible large surface sample preparation station (up to 12 samples)
  •   Dedicated sample station for direct coating of Thermo PHENOM sample holders
  •   Sample chambers for variable sample height
  •   Easy sample mounting
  •   No high voltage components outside the instrument housing
  •   Easy target replacement
  •   Small footprint (30 cm x 30 cm)
  • Can be ordered separately as “pump kit” including
  • Two-stage roughing-pump with a pump capacity of 4.8 m³/h
  • Metal vacuum hose, DN 16 KF, length 1 m
  • 2 x fittings and 2 x seals DN 16 KF
  • 1 x oil mist filter

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