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L75 / Laser Dilatometer

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Laser dilatometer applicaions:
  • Precision measurement of thermal expansion of low expansion materials such as: carbon, graphite, composites, low expansion glass, amber alloy, quartz glass, etc.
  • Precision measurement of thermal expansion of semiconductor materials.
  • Quality control and quality inspection of materials of which thermal expansion characteristics can be a problem, such as glass, sealing materials, bimetals, materials for precision electronic instruments etc.

Linseis L75/LASER features unmatched resolution and absolute accuracy is now possible due to the development of the Linseis Laser Dilatometer of the Pico-series. As the name indicates already the resolution goes up to Picometers (0,3nm = 300 Picometer). That means resolutions can be obtained which are up to a factor 33,33 higher than the resolution that was possible up to date.

Furthmore the principle of interference measurement give the possibility for much higher accuracy’s, especially as some special computer calibrations are used. Up to now absolute accuracy’s of 1% were normal, with best accuracy’s up to 100nm. The new method allows accuracy’s up to 30nm.


Chris Bradburn


Technical specification

Temperature range: -150 up to 500°C
  RT … 1000°C
Resolution: 0.3 nm
Heating/cooling rates*: 0.01 K/min … 50 K/min
Sample holders: fused silica
Sample length: 20mm
Sample diameter: 7mm
Interface: USB

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