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DSC PT1000 – Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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LINSEIS DSC – PT1000 – Differential Scanning Calorimeter:

This product was developed to provide a general purpose TM – DSC with a broad temperature range(-150 – 725°C) for all common applications. Furthermore emphasis was placed on an extremely stable baseline and high reproducibility. The design allows manual and automatic operation. The conception of the cell guarantees maximum mechanical and chemical resistance. The 120 thermocouple sensor MR12 provides highest resolution and outstanding sensitivity.

LINSEIS DSC – PT1000 HiRes – Differential Scanning Calorimeter:

Research grade TM – DSC with unsurpassed HR24 Sensor comprising 240 thermocouples and a dual detector arrangement, combining the advantages of heat flux and power compensation technology into one integrated sensor arrangement. This design provides the highest sensitivity and resolution in the market, outperforming all competitive designs by a magnitude. Furthermore the instrument allows full automation due to its 64 position autosampler, automatic gas dosing system and the optional vacuum tight design. The broad temperature range (-180 up to 750°C) ensures that even most demanding applications can be analyzed.

LINSEIS DSC – PT1000 High Pressure – Differential Scanning Calorimeter:

This High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter (HP-DSC) is used to characterize polymers, pharmaceuticals, foods/biologicals, organic chemicals and inorganics under very high pressure of up to100 bar (High Pressure) or even 300 bar (Ultra High Pressure). Ther possible temperature range is -125°C up to 725°C. Transitions measured include Tg, melting, crystallization, curing, cure kinetics, onset of oxidation and heat capacity.


Chris Bradburn


Technical specification

Model: DSC PT1000 DSC PT1000 HP DSC PT1000 HiRes
Temperature range: -150°C … 725°C -150°C … 725°C -180°C … 750°C
Heating rates: 0.01 K/min … 100 K/min  0.01 K/min … 100 K/min 0.001 K/min … 300 K/min
Cooling rates*: 0.01 K/min … 100 K/min  0.01 K/min … 100 K/min 0.001 K/min … 300 K/min
Sensor: heat flux heat flux & power compensation heat flux & power compensation
Vacuum: Yes … 300 bar Yes (optional)
Sample Robot: 20 Positions 64 Positions
PC Interface: USB USB USB

*temperature dependent 

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