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Chip-DSC 1 and 10

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Revolutionary Sensor Concept

The all new Chip DSC-sensor integrates all essential parts of DSC, furnace, sensor and electronics in a miniaturized housing. The chip-arrangement comprises the heater and temperature sensor in a chemically inert ceramic arrangement with metallic heater and temperature sensor.

This arrangement allows superior reproducibility and due to the low mass outstanding temperature control and heating rates of up to 300°C/min. The integrated sensor is easily user exchangeable and available for a low cost. The integrated design of the chip-sensor delivers superior raw data, which enables a direct analysis without pre- or post-processing of heat flow data.

Small Footprint

The compact construction, leads to a significant reduction in production cost which can be passed on to our customers. The low energy consumption and unrivaled dynamic response result in unsurpassed performance of this revolutionary DSC-concept.


Chris Bradburn


Technical specification

Temperature range: RT up to 600°C
-180 up to 600°C (LN2 Quench cooling)
Heating and cooling rates: 0.001 up to 300°C/min
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.2K
Temperature precision: +/- 0.02K
Digital resolution: 16.8 million points
Resolution: 0.03 µW
Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing (static, dynamic)
Measuring range: +/-2.5 up to +/-250 mW
Calibration materials: included
Calibration: recommended 6-month interval

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