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HFM – Heat Flow Meter

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The LINSEIS Heat Flow Meter provides a rapid and easy to use instrument to determine the thermal conductivity properties of low thermal conductive insulation materials as well as all other materials with a high level of accuracy.

The thermal conductivity instrument design is based on ASTM C518, JIS A1412, ISO 8301 and DIN 12667. The principle of measurement is to position a sample between a hot and a cold plate and to measure the heat flow.

HFM features:

  • Highest precision and accuracy
  • Very robust design
  • Very easy handling
  • Fast sampling (approx. 15 min for QC)
  • Automated operation
  • Peltier modules for temperature regulation
  • Measurement range extension up to 2.5 W/mK
  • Up to 99 temperature points
  • No PC required


Chris Bradburn


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