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LZT Meter

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LZT-Meter – Perfect tool for thermoelectric applications

Temperature range:

  • -150 up to 500°C
  • RT up to 800
  • RT up to 1100/1500°C

The Linseis LZT Meter is the world’s first commercially available instrument that allows the determination of the thermoelectric Figure of Merrit ZT by means of a combined LaserFlash (LFA 1000) and LSR measurement in a single instrument.

Advantages of the combined measurement:

Measurement of a single sample

  • No geometry error
  • Same stoichiometry
  • No problems with further sample preparation

Identical environmental conditions

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • The atmosphere

Furthermore, all well known advantages of the LSR-Platform

  • Resistivity measurements of high-resistance samples possible
  • Optional Harman measurement
  • Camera option

The unit is also available with three different furnaces:

  • An infrared furnace (for precise temperature control at very high and low heating rates)
  • A low-temperature furnace for measurements down to -100°C
  • A high-temperature furnace for measurements up to 1100°C or even 1500°C


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