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MSB – Magnetic suspension balance

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With the magnetic suspension balance LINSEIS MSB PT 1, gravimetric measurements in a wide temperature and pressure range and under aggressive media can be done. Such a magnetic suspension balance consist of a balance for recording the measurement values, a suspension coupling which carries the weight of the sample, a sensor for the position measurement of the levitation part and a control unit to control the suspension coupling.

The contact-less transmission of the sample weight is realized with a levitation magnet and a holding magnet. The levitation magnet consists of a permanent magnet and the holding magnet consists of an electromagnet hanging on the balance. The position sensor delivers the actual position of the levitation magnet and the PID controller makes a stable levitation position with the electromagnetic force as the actuating variable. Through the magnetic coupling a micro balance can be set up at environmental condition. Therefore the balance is protected from high temperatures, pressure and aggressive media.

Data sheet


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Technical specification

Model   Metal Version Glass version
Temperature range:    -196 up to 2400°C up to 900°C
Pressure range:   UHV* to 150 bar Vacuum to 1.3 bar
Sample weight:   10 g (standard balance) 10 g (standard balance)
Resolution:    1 ug 1 ug
Evolved Gas Analysis:   MS/FTIR possible MS/FTIR possible
Options:   Special custom versions can be realized.

*UHV Ultra High Vacuum  

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