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The STA PT1600 is the high end Simultaneous Thermobalance from LINSEIS. The system offers unparalleled TG and DSC resolution in combination with the highest vacuum capabilities and TG drift stability. The system is modular with many exchangeable furnaces (-150°C up to 2400°C), different measuring systems and crucibles. The coupling ability and many optional accessories guarantee the perfect setup for every application.

The STA PT 1600 and STA PT1600 HiRes combine both, the sensitivity of a Thermobalance and a true Differential Scanning Calorimeter. Several different TG, TG-DTA and TG-DSC sample holders can be used to determine different reaction and transition temperatures, enthalpies and specific heat. As a result, the system can be perfectly adjusted for any type of application.

Due to the vacuum tight design of the instrument, static and dynamic atmospheres are possible. Optionally a gas control box and a vacuum pump can be connected. The evolving gases can be analyzed with our integrated QMS, FTIR or In-Situ EGA coupling options.

The STA PT1600 HP offers a high pressure ability (up to 5 bar) and many other optional accessories such as Water Vapor generators, Gas Boxes, etc guarantees the perfect setup for many pressure based applications. 

With the optional Water Vapor and gas control system, Sorption studies with different gases (water vapor, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, etc) can be performed for example.


Chris Bradburn


Technical specification

Model: STA PT1600 
Temperature range: -150 up to 500/1000°C
   RT – 1000/1400/1600/ 1750/2000/2400°C 
Heating rates: 0.01 up to 100°C/min
Sample mass: 5 / 25 / 35g
Resolution: 0.025/ 0.1 / 0.5 µg
Vacuum: 10-5mbar
Pressure: up to 5 bar (optional)
Sensors: TG
  TG – DTA
  TG – DSC
Sensor Material: E/K/S/B
Electronics: Integrated
Interface: USB

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