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GMP cables to RDS-32/31

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  • Cables for GMP probes to RDS-31 and RDS-32 meter

Cables for GMP probes connected to RDS-31 and RDS-32. With Ikelite (at GMP) to Binder (at RDS) contacts.


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

1233-293: Coiled cable, 0,7 – 1,6 m
1233-295: Straight cable 20 m
1233-318: RDS-31/32 cable for CSP probes with 0,4 m straight cable length
1233-319: RDS-31/32 cable for CSP probes with 1,5 m straight cable
1233-320: RDS-31/32 cable for CSP probes with coiled cable 0,7 m -1,6 m

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