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RDS-32 Radiation Monitoring Alarm Box

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  • Enclosure with modular design
  • Relay with potential free changeover contacts for driving/control of external equipment
  • Optional traffic light
  • Optional Alarm siren, 105 dBA
  • Optional external box holding battery of lead type, 12 V 21 Ah
  • Optional additional relays

Place the RDS-32 inside the enclosure and you have an alarm monitor intended for stationary or mobile installations in. The RDS-32 can be configured for dual display of internal H*(10) dose rate detector as well as for the external probe. The enclosure holds connector for external probe.

Using the RDS-32iTx or RDS-32iTxSD versions will feature a wireless solution using WRM2. 

Enclosure Accessories

  • Alarm beacon traffic light
  • Alarm siren 105 dBA, fixed on top of casing or with wall mounting
  • LAN adapter installed in the casing
  • Additional boxes holding external batteries with charger 12 V and 21 Ah
  • Additional relay from control of external devices

Part numbers: 
1233-300: Include casing with connector for probes.
1233-301: Option A) Traffic light on top of casing and alarm siren
1233-302: Option B) Traffic light for external wall mount. Including traffic light, 10 m cable, wall bracket and alarm siren
1233-303: LAN adapter with RJ45 connector preinstalled in the casing 

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Dimension: 160 x 134 x 166 mm
Power supply: 1~230V / 12VDC
Internal batteries for back-up
Protection class: IP65
Temperature range: -40 – +80
Outputs: One potential free relay

Optional: External battery with charger in box, 12 V and 21 Ah
Dimension lead battery box: 300 x 280 x 140 (L x W x H), weight 8 kg
Battery life: almost 1 year with transmission every 30:e second

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