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LB 790 – 10 channel Low-Level Alpha/Beta Planchet Counter

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  • Radon influence suppression through unique probe sealing mechanism (applied for patent)
  • Detector comprises 5 modular dual detector segments and a common guard counter tube for P-10 or Ar-CO² counting gas operation.
  • Service friendly. Possible to remove detector pairs without completely disassembling the top lead shield. Exchange of window pair by pair, can be done when the system is in operation.

Part no:
42182-10 LB 790 10-fold system
65729 LB 790 2×10-fold TWIN system
65082 LB 790-5L 5×2-fold system
67067 LB 790-5L 5×2-fold TWIN system
XXXXX LB 790-3L 6-channel system

The 10-Channel Low-Level Counter LB 790 allows simultaneous and separate measurements of low activities for alpha and beta radiation emitting radionuclides with a detection limit of approx. 12 mBq for Alpha (Am-241) and approx. 22 mBq for Beta (Sr-90).

LB 790 10-Channel α-β Low-Level Counter

The low-level activity measuring station LB 790 enables the simultaneous and separate measurement of even small activities of alpha and beta radiating radionuclides. Up to 10 sample bowls can be measured at the same time, whereby the associated sample information can be conveniently entered before the measurement using the associated PC software and evaluated after the measurement.

The detectors and the sample drawer – one single unit – can be pulled out of the lead shielding in case of repair. Should this be necessary a metal support and 9 lead bricks have to be removed. This enables an easy servicing of the low-level system, such as detector exchange.
LB 790 replaces the successor LB 770.

LB 790 – 5L

The low-level activity measuring station is available in various versions.

The LB 790-5L has 5 individual drawers for 2 samples each: Depending on your sample throughput and sample type, the number of sample positions belonging to a measurement series can be varied and changed if necessary.

With the LB 790-5L system, each of the five drawers can be loaded individually, so that up to five different sample measurements can be performed independently of each other.

LB 790-3L  6-Channel α-β Low-Level Counter

Like the LB 790 but with 6-channels.

Data sheet


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification


Mechanical Data  
External dimensions (with lead shielding) 850 x 545 x 320 (L x W x H in mm)
Weight (with lead shielding) approx. 1200 kg
Dimension detector unit with sample drawer and electronics 590 x 520 x 120 (L x W x H in mm)
Weight detector unit 37.5 kg
Material detector module cathode copper
Material guard counter aluminium
Physical & Electrical Data  
Power supply electronics +15/-15 V via LB 5330
Total current consumption 250 mA
Operating point with P-10 (typical) 1450 V
Counting gas ArCH4 (90/10) or ArCO2 (82/18) / ArCO2 (90/10)
Metrological Data (P-10)  
Typical background

< 0.1 cpm (Alpha)

< 1.0 cpm (Beta)

Ambient Conditions  
Operating temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Relative humidity 10 to 80%, no condensing
Protection degree IP 50 (according to DIN IEC 60529)

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