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  • Real-time, instant Detection, Measurement and Identification
  • Wide dose rate range: from natural background to high accident levels

The SPIR-Explorer Sensor allows detection, measurement and identification of radiological sources over a very large range. It is intended to be mounted on demanding carrier, such as UAVs or robots. It may also be used within fixed or deployable systems.
Typical uses are searching for any unexpected radiological sources, checking for radiological risk in case of accident, and mapping of contaminated areas. Operation is fully automated and results are shown and memorized at an associated radiological base station. The sensor uses proven identification techniques from SPIR-Ident and SpiR-ID product family in a smaller and lighter form factor.

Part NOM005183 = NaI based detector
Part NOM005184 = LaBr3 based detector


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification

• Detectors: NaI(Tl) Ø32 x 51 mm or LaBr3(Eu) Ø25 x 32 mm + 2 GM tubes (mid and high range)
• Energy range: 20 keV – 3 MeV
• Dose Rate Measurement range: 0,001 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h
• Angular effect: < 20% over 270° horizontal and vertical (Cs-137)
• Detection capability: better than 0,1 μSv/h increase over 0,1 μSv/h BKG in 2s
• Spectrometry: 1024 channels
• Acquisition rate: 0,5s
• Throughput: 100 000 cps
• Spectroscopy range: up to 100 μSV/h
• Stability and linearity correction: 1 channel, or ≤ 2%
• Real time identification and mapping: SpirIDENT Suite software
• Supply voltage: typical 4,5 to 18 V
• Power consumption: ≤ 1 W
• DataI/O: 115 kBd RS232C link in logical level (3.3 V)
• Connector: miniature cylindrical push-pull 4 pins connector such as from LEMO
• Temperature Range: operation from -20 °C to 50 °C
• Humidity: must operate under 93% HR at 30 °C
• Protection class: IP54
• Dimensions: 250 x 131 x 81 mm (L x W x H)
• Fixation: 4 x M5 holes
• Mass: NaI(Tl) = 840 g, LaBr3(Eu) = 740 g

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