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SPIR-Ident Mobile

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  • Carborne, Boatborne and Airborne Spectrometry 
  • Very sensitive nuclear detection and real-time identification
  • After event contamination mapping
  • Versatile configuration 1 to 4 detectors, 2 to 16 liters NaI(Tl)
  • Rugged detection case and wireless tablet PC
  • GPS and mapping function

SPIR-Ident Mobile system, is a movable radiation monitoring system, developed for vehicle, helicopter and aircraft use. It is a ruggedized and friendly deployable equipment with the higher existing capability for both detection and identifi cation of radioactive sources. This system especially allows to detect artificial gamma isotopes among varying natural isotopes when used as an airborne or carborne system for the purpose of contamination evaluation and unattended source search.


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification

Detector: 1 to 4 NaI(Tl) detectors of 2 or 4 liter + neutron detector
Energy range: 30 keV to 3 MeV
Display: Via PC or other external unit
Sampling rate: 1 second spectra acquisition and stabilization
Units: Dose rate/Count  rate
Multi channels in parallel operation
Continuous sliding spectra identification.
Alarm: Adjustable
Resolution: Typical 8%
Sensitivity: 37 cps per nSv/h (4 liter)
MCA: 1024 channels
Identification: 4 isotopes mixed (in addition of background),
Isotope list: ANSI N42-34, N42-38, IEC62327, IEC 62484 draft, IAEA Tecdoc
Casing: Polyester resin strengthened glass fiber containers
Size Single: 84x24x24 cm 18 kg or 24 kg (4 liter)
Size Double: 90x42x33 cm 35 kg (2l) or 49 kg (4 liter)
Interface case: 90x43x33 cm 20 kg
Roof case 4 detectors (2 liter): 195x130x50cm 120 kg
Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C 
Power supply: 85- 264 VAC or 10-30 VDC

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