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BAI 9109-4 – Noble Gas Monitor

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  • Measure noble gases
  • 1 to 4 large area proportional counter tubes, xenon sealed
  • Integrated electronic with preamplifier and high voltage supply
  • Measuring chamber with 11.45 liter volume
  • Lead shield 2 cm thickness in 4π geometry
  • Different data acquisition systems available depending on the application:
      – Data Logger LB 112
      – Data Logger LB 5340
      – Data Logger LB 9000

The noble gas monitor detect betas and could monitor radioactive gases such as Krypton-85, Argon-41, Xenon-133, Carbon-11 and Fluorine-18 in rooms and air. BAI9109-4 provide accurate measurement and low MDA (minimal detectable activity). 

Data sheet


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification


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