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Agentase C2

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  • Detects sub-microgram levels of chemical agents
  • Reveal exact spot

The FLIR Agentase C2 spray is a sensitive point detector for chemical nerve agents (G- & V-series) and sulfur mustard (HD). It uses colorimetric technology to reveal the location of Chemical Warfare Agent contamination on a surface at sub-microgram (trace) levels within five minutes. Once applied to a surface, the standard aqueous spray changes color from yellow to red to indicate the presence of a CWA threat. The color change reveals the exact location of the agent contamination, making the invisible threat visible. An optional fluorescent additive enhances the visual response when used in poor lighting conditions with an ultraviolet (UV) light. Confidence Check Cards are available to verify reconstituted spray is operational and performing according to specifications. 


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Technology: Enzymes
Sample: Spray directly onto surface
Threats: Enzyme formulations include: nerve agent (V- & G-series) and blister agent (HD)
Detection: within 5 mins
Alerts: Colorimetric
Operating temp: Nerve agent 0 to 45 °C, blister agent -5 to 45 °C
Operating humidity: 0-100%
Storage temp: Room
Life expectancy: Prepare 8 hrs, Storage 5 years.
Disposal: Non-hazardous

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